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2019-2020 Guidebook Advertising Submission


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Dear Contributor:

Thank you for considering a donation to Utah High School Hockey, a registered non- profit organization and an official sub-affiliate of USA Hockey. Our high school league began in 1975 with four teams and is expected to grow immensely and involved more than 160 volunteers participating during the 2018-2019 season.

Utah High School Hockey is an approved “Club Sport” and as such, receives no school district or taxpayer financial support. Community support has become increasingly necessary each season when individual player costs approach more than $1,000 with replacement of worn or damaged equipment in addition to the cost of each program.

To offset player costs, Utah High School Hockey annually publishes a professional quality “Utah High School Hockey Team Guidebook” to provide sponsors like you with direct marketing access to our families, friends and other attendees while our youth play the “coolest game on earth”. All donations are tax-deductible, with roughly 90 percent of the sponsorship dollars going directly to offset player dues.

As a thank you, all our players and families actively seek opportunities to patronize businesses that support Utah High School Hockey.

Thank you for your support this season!

Shannon Woodhall

President Utah High School Hockey

2019-2020 Season 


Please direct any questions to:


Brian Murray


Phone: (801) 870-9195